About Us

Founded in 2010 out of a threefold interest in 20th-century furniture design, functionality and sustainability, CHASE & SORENSEN has established a reputation for eclectic Scandinavian design in east London. Our collection represents our ethos: well-made, ergonomic builds that enhance contemporary living spaces.

Our collections aren’t restricted to specific designers or periods, but are built partly with respect to quality, and partly on instinct. This approach brings together interesting and innovative pieces that embody what ‘good design’ means to us. 

We ensure the standards of our pieces by sourcing directly, in-person, from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, from a network of trusted suppliers that we’ve met over the years. Products are restored and reupholstered where necessary, prioritising not only longevity but also with respect to the original craftsmanship. 

Our firm interest in Scandinavian design encourages us to engage with contemporary makers working in Europe and beyond. We select these products using the same criteria that we choose our vintage pieces with: objects that are useful, meaningful, and of unparalleled quality. Our range currently includes hand-crafted ceramics from Studio Arhoj, visually striking prints and frames from Copenhagen’s Paper Collective, lighting and ornamental glassware from Studio About and a range of scented candles by Torplyktan.

Our reputation for providing a wide range of thoughtful pieces has led to extensive collaborative work with architects and interior designers. We’re always happy to offer consultation to individuals or businesses, either from our Hackney store or via email.